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IBN Instant Bird Nest is one of Asian Pacific leading Swallow Bird Nest brand.  Awarded for being a leader in the industry and a pioneer for the Instant Bird Nest industry since 1998 in Hong Kong.  

The Instant Bird Nest is made with selected swallow bird best and condensed for easy consumption.   All products are vacuum packed for easy storage. 

What Is Bird Nest?

Bird Nest is secretion fluid used by swallows to build a nest in order to lay eggs; yet, dried bird nest are nutritional in protein.  As a result, they are highly favoured by herbiest and by the Asian Communities. 

This Mother's Day:  We are offering the prestige brand at both our stores and T&T Supermarket across Ontario.  CHECK OUT YOUR LOCAL FLYERS.


1.The iconic product of Imperial Bird Nest $49.99


2. Silky Bird Nest Gift Box Collection $59.99

3. BOTTLE A DAY - The  Signature Product $82.99


4. Premiere Condensed Bird Nest $89.99

5. Family Pack Bird Nest $69.99

6. Family Pack Bird Nest $69.99