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'Canada's Leading Brand'


Our signature brand ROYAL JUBILEE GINSENG has been promising Canadians for decades. We have made Ontario grown ginseng as our focus and know-how and have committed putting our expertise & research to work. Servicing customers from world-wide and meeting their daily health and beauty needs, we are committed in providing extensive servicing and high quality Canadian ginseng products sourced and grown directly from Ontario, Canada.

The beauty behind our brand is that we believe true beauty comes from a balanced healthy life-style, so over the years, we’ve refined that concept through breakthrough innovations and nouvelle ideas. We again strive to offer our best products to our customers worldwide.

Our visionary concept was founded by a group of experienced health food specialists who had a unique market sense in the health food industry. With over 20 years of profound experience of the founders, the group has become one of the leading ginseng retailers and wholesalers in Canada and has achieved outstanding performance in merchandising and sales in the wholesale and retail category.



Visiting Toronto, we invite all guest from worldwide to make our store as your shopping destination for all your ginseng needs 

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本公司提供一站式的花旗参中汇。  有提供零售跟批发加拿大花旗参为主的服务。  同时拥有超过二十年的经验。 因此港利行是加国最值得信赖的品牌。


百份百安省花旗参, 保证质优价廉,平, 靓, 正 每盒$7 元 起. 大量20-60年野生花旗参出售, 大量六年安省花旗参上市, 及有西藏虫草, 鹿茸 , 野生田七, 野生天麻, 还有山珍直销.
  • 海豹油
  • 鱼油
  • 巴西绿蜂胶




4168 Finch #G53, Scarborough

第一广场, (Finch and Midland)

TEL: 416-986-7788

营业时间: 9:00am -6pm (七天)


(2) 分店: 万锦广场

3255 Highway 7 East Unit 131A, Markham

营业时间:11:00am-7pm (七天)




2012-2015  获得安省的原产地保证

2012-2015 加拿大品牌认证:


我们公司有提供不同的花旗参产品针对不同的消费者。有大量:原枝,参片, 参粉。  除了花旗参, 我们还有售买保健品。 有意者可以直接去到店面或网子选购。