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Career Opportunities: Retail Sales Associate ( 2 openings) Summary: The Retail Sales Associate will manage and handle the sales inside the store and position the brand and partnering brands to the appropriate desire ad will work closely with Toronto's head office.  Sales Duties: will report weekly / monthly sales figures to the managing officer and Toronto's head office.  communicate clearly and efficiently with other team members Requirement: have previously worked in retail & sales related job post English/ Mandarin/ Cantonese will be an asset Account Executive (1 opening) Summary:  The Account Executive will be responsible for handling accounts for in the wholesale division and both the Greater GTA  accounts and will continue to seek new distribution channels.  Responsibilities Following and...

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官燕栈 - IBN Swallow Bird Nest is Launching in May 2016

    IBN Instant Bird Nest is one of Asian Pacific leading Swallow Bird Nest brand.  Awarded for being a leader in the industry and a pioneer for the Instant Bird Nest industry since 1998 in Hong Kong.   The Instant Bird Nest is made with selected swallow bird best and condensed for easy consumption.   All products are vacuum packed for easy storage.  What Is Bird Nest? Bird’s Nest is the saliva produced by a special species of swallow called the swiftlet while building the nest. The saliva glues with other impurities (such as feathers) to form the nest. Among the different species of switlets, golden switlet’s saliva has the purest protein content and the highest nutrient value.   About Bird Nest:...

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