官燕栈 - IBN Swallow Bird Nest is Launching in May 2016

官燕栈 - IBN Swallow Bird Nest is Launching in May 2016


IBN Instant Bird Nest is one of Asian Pacific leading Swallow Bird Nest brand.  Awarded for being a leader in the industry and a pioneer for the Instant Bird Nest industry since 1998 in Hong Kong.  

The Instant Bird Nest is made with selected swallow bird best and condensed for easy consumption.   All products are vacuum packed for easy storage. 

What Is Bird Nest?
Bird’s Nest is the saliva produced by a special species of swallow called the swiftlet while building the nest. The saliva glues with other impurities (such as feathers) to form the nest. Among the different species of switlets, golden switlet’s saliva has the purest protein content and the highest nutrient value.


About Bird Nest:
Bird’s nests are mainly produced in Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Burma and Hainan Province in Southern China. The texture and taste of bird's nest vary with the swiftlet’s habitat. Compared with Cave Nest, House Nest is cleaner, softer and smoother in texture. So, the soaking/stewing time can be shortened. Cave Nest is mainly found in Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia, whereas House Nest is mostly produced in Indonesia.
There are three harvesting periods of bird’s nest in a year -- the 'first phase’ (first harvesting period) bird’s nest is the most nutritious bird's nest and contains much more proteins and minerals.
'First phase’ bird's nest is harvested from November to January every year – springtime of Indonesia. In this season of abundance and thriving, the swiftlet grows up strong and healthy and is able to secrete plentiful saliva. Under such favourable environment, bird's nest harvested during this period is purer and gets bigger expansion after soaking. The body of bird’s nest is obviously larger in size and thicker in texture.

The second and third phase bird's nest is not as good comparing with the 'first phase’ bird's nest in terms of quality and quantity. During these seasons, the swiftlet is weak due to unfavourable weather and lean food supply. Saliva secretion is slow and lots of feathers fall off, thus increase impurities. The bird’s nest is usually smaller in size and has lesser expandability.

IBNI has its own bird's nest farmhouses and processing plants in Indonesia. Some time before every Chinese Lunar New Year, IBNI ships fresh ‘first phase’ bird’s nests to Hong Kong through air cargo.  This guarantees sufficient supply of ‘first phase’ bird’s nests in the market all the year round.

Chinese have the culture of consuming bird’s nests traced back to Tang Dynasty, 1,400 years ago. It was told that Empress Wu Zetian used to rely on taking bird’s nest to resist ageing. Since then, bird’s nest had been frequently found on the upper class diet. During Ming Dynasty, it was officially included in the imperial menu. In those days, premium grade bird’s nest was among the articles of tribute presented by adjacent Southeast Asian countries to the emperor of China. It was commonly known as “Imperial Bird’s Nest”.

Featuring the hottest Instant Bird Nest products in the market.   Imperial Bird Nest, an iconic brand in Hong Kong, in the bird nest category.  An excellent source of protein suitable for both men and women. 

Exclusively available at our stores in Canada

  • The true pioneer of Instant Bird Nest in Hong Kong
  • 2015 Awarded for Hong Kong Top Brand 10 Year Achievement Award


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